Ford to share information with app developers

The Ford Motor Company is allowing third-party app designers access to its car data in a bid for those designers to create new apps for Ford drivers.

New Ford Fiesta cars for sale and other new Ford models could soon, as a result of this new scheme, be sporting brand new apps that will assist drivers and improve the journeys of passengers.

Ford revealed this week that data such as speed, location and acceleration will now be shared with third-party app designers.

As a result of sharing this information, Ford is hoping that software developers can design new apps for their vehicles - although new ideas for apps will first have to be given the green light by Ford bosses.

Apps add to Ford's impressive collection

These new apps that will be integrated into new Ford cars and sold by Ford dealers in the UK and across Europe could see, for example, developers use the speed or location of Ford cars to design parental controls for the model.

Ford only last month released a whole host of new apps which helped motorists find car parking spaces and order pizza!

In a statement, Ford's global director of connected services, Doug VanDagens, says, "It's been released in Europe, and it's coming to North America in the not-too-distant future."

In terms of safety, Ford also revealed that any potential new apps that become troublesome can be shut down remotely by the manufacturer.

This means that if a new app receives the go-ahead and then the applications developers add a new part that is either troublesome or is a distraction to the driver, it can be shut down by Ford.

Infotainment is a vital part of Ford's future plans and this was demonstrated by Ford's decision to unveil the new 2015 Ford Focus, which goes on sale in the latter part of this year, at the Mobile World Congress.

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