Ford to release videos about the new Focus model

Ford is set to release a series of videos as part of a new web series that will give fans of the car a behind the scenes look at the new Focus RS.

As Ford Focus dealers in Hampshire and across the UK will vouch, the Ford Focus has long been one of the car manufacturer’s most popular cars and the new 345 bhp Ford Focus RS, which can reach a top speed of 165 mph and is priced at £28,940, is set to continue this trend.

In a surprise move by Ford it has announced that eight videos will be released as part of a behind the scenes documentary about the development of the Ford Focus RS and the testing procedures that the car was put through.

These testing procedures include visits to Arizona’s deserts and the freezing Arctic wastelands and the videos will show how the Focus RS was pushed to the limit.

Videos look at crash testing

As well as the videos demonstrating how the Focus RS adapts to different climates across the world, the videos give car enthusiasts an insight into crash testing procedures and how the car’s handling was developed.

The Ford Focus RS was first unveiled to the public at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show with many car experts waxing lyrical about the new model.

The Auto Express, for example, highlights that the new Focus RS will go from 0-62mph in just 4.7 seconds as a result of a new torque vectoring system that works with the vehicles four-wheel drive system.

It is believed that following the release of the Ford GT supercar, Ford decided to include some of that cars features into the new Focus RS such as the car’s wheel arches and flared nose.

So if you cannot get down to Ford car dealers in Somerset or your nearest Ford dealer to find out more about the new car and the supercar features that have been implemented, make sure you watch the first video of the behind the scenes documentary about the Ford Focus RS that will be aired on 30th September.

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