Ford to reduce consumption of rare materials


The Ford Motor Group have once been showing that they are once again at the forefront of helping move towardsenvironmental conversion by cutting its consumption of rare materials that are used in their hybrid and electric Ford cars for sale.

The motoring giants have announced that they will save over 500,000lbs per year of the rare earth types by switching to lithium-ion batteries in its hybrid vehicles such as the Fusion and C-MAX. Previous versions of the eco friendly vehicles have been using nickel-metal hydride batteries. Not only are the savings good for the environment but will also see savings reflected in production costs, with Ford commenting that it could be in the range of hundreds of dollars per vehicle.

The Ford Motor Company will also be benefiting from the volatile pricing that can happen with market prices for rare materials; just recently China, which is a provider of many rare materials used in previous incarnations of electric batteries, eased their export restrictions, the first time since 2005.

Once again, Ford have shown that they are intent on not only cutting costs and passing savings to Ford car dealers across the world, but pushing forward towards making even more eco-friendly vehicles.

Image credit: Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz