Ford to promote itself as a British brand

The Ford Motor Company has announced an interesting promotional campaign here in Britain, marketing itself as a UK brand as a means of attracting more sales for the Blue Oval across Europe. 

Masterminded by global marketing boss Jim Farley, this desire to emphasise Ford's ‘Britishness' was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show and it is hoped that the project will attract more consumers in Britain than ever before. Farley says Ford is in many ways the quintessential British firm, with the company now having the opportunity to refresh itself in a patriotic way in the UK - something he feels is unavailable in the US. Farley indicated that Ford need to harness certain aspects of how they are respected in the UK market, with one example being that the Transit is renowned as a favourite vehicle for rock bands to transport their equipment.

Ford to capitalise on UK success

Despite being one of the best established American motor companies, Ford has long had a strong presence here in Britain thanks to past models such as the Escort, Capri and Sierra. The badge is still very much respected today, especially as the Ford Fiesta and Focus were recently named as the top two best-selling vehicles in the country respectively. Models such as the new Ford Ka, plus upcoming versions of the Fiesta and Focus, are also likely to help Ford remain as one of the best-selling automotive manufacturers for years to come.

Ford is thought to be in the process of developing a distinctively British-themed promotional campaign that will include coverage on Instragam and other social media outlets, with the final product expected to be unveiled to the public in late 2014.

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