Ford to make reality TV show


With the influx of reality television shows both in the UK and the States, the Ford Motor Company have just announced that they will be joining forces with a television channel in America to create a reality based programme.

Ford in conjunction with NBC will debut the television show called ‘Escape Routes', on March 31st; a prime time slot on Saturday nights. The show will be an interactive reality series that will feature six teams competing in a road trip competition in the vehicles flagship SUV the Ford Escape.

Hosted by American TV presenter Rossi Morreale, the show will show just how durable and versatile the Escape / Kuga is. Starting in Los Angeles, viewers will see the teams travel to locations such as New York, Miami, and San Francisco and the adventures they will face.

The escape is known as the Ford Kuga in the UK, and is just one of many great Ford cars for sale available at Ford car dealers across the country.

Image credit: Tab59 (flickr)