Ford to make car interiors from flowers

The Ford Motor Company have been utilising a great deal of both modern and traditional technologies in recent years to develop Ford cars for sale. Recently, Ford has hit the headlines by using recycled fabrics and recycled plastic bottles with their latest Ford Focus models.

Ford have now just announced that their Escape SUV will be incorporating even more environmentally friendly features, namely that the SUV's interior will be created using a tropical flower! The flower in question is the Kenaf plant, a member of the hibiscus flower family and is native to many regions of southern Asia.

The flower will be used to create door bolsters for the Escape model, using a mixture of 50% Kenaf and 50% polypropylene, not only making the bolsters environmentally friendly, but also decreasing their weight.

So who knows? This could be the start of an age of cars made of flowers! Certainly something you won't see every day at your nearest Ford car dealership!


Image credit: Chris Gladis (flickr)