Ford to launch new SUV on American TV


This weekend will see a new first for the Ford Motor Company, as they will become the first car manufacturer ever to launch a vehicle on primetime television.  The vehicle that will be launched will be the Ford Escape SUV; known under the name of the Ford Kuga in Europe.

The model will be featured in a new reality series set to be screened at the weekend in America, called ‘Escape Routes'. The series is produced by Ford and will follow six teams as they head cross country in a competition that will see the winners take home $100,000 and two of the Escape SUV's.

Starting in Los Angeles and eventually ending up in Las Vegas the teams will compete against each other and take on a series of daring feats, such as wing walking, in a bid to scoop the cash and cars. Viewers of the show will be able to vote for who they would like to win, in an effort to include social media.

To discover the UK's version of the Escape, the Kuga, head to your nearest Ford car dealership such as Ford Southampton!