Ford to Launch Electric model digitally


Next month will see the launch of the Ford Focus Electric, something that would cost in excess of over $100 million to do, but Ford have decided to solely use digital media in the launch; meaning not only huge savings but also an intriguing and unique experience for all involved.

Teaming up with the internet giant Yahoo! Ford are expected to spend as little as one tenth of a normal broadcast and print campaign, meaning more savings that go right back to the customer. The idea that the two will be working on is a reality competition that with see teams of two people take part in challenges with the grand prize being a Ford Focus Electric.

Entitled ‘Plugged In', the events will begin during May and will be broadcast exclusively on Yahoo's video website.

Even though Ford's first production Electric model will not be available in the UK until later this year, you will be able to visit your nearest Ford car dealers who will stock a huge range of Ford cars for sale.

Image credit: Mariordo - Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz