Ford to Launch 80mpg Ford Focus for 2012

Ford will be launching their latest Ford Focus Econetic in 2012, which will be able to return lower CO2 emissions of 'less than 95g/km' and a garage forecourt beating fuel consumption of 80mpg.

The new Econetic focus model made its debut to trade and the press at this year's Amsterdam Motor Show. This revolutionary Focus model is powered by a 1.6-litre, four-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine, which produces 104bhp. It features a redesigned common-rail injection system, a new water-cooled intercooler replaces the standard air-to-air system, which allows a more accurate control of the charge in air temperature, plus a ‘Diesel Particulate Filter' and a six-speed manual gearbox which will be fitted as standard.

Other options available are Aerodynamic upgrades including low-drag wheel covers and an Active Shutter Grille. This system uses vents to control airflow to the engine compartment, which allows air in if it is needed the vents will open, if it's not they will remain closed; this can reduce CO2 figures by a claimed two per cent.

So with many new Ford cars being launched in 2012 the Ford Focus Econetic is sure to temp new car buyers with all these cost saving and fuel saving features.

 Image Credit - Ford in Europe, Flickr