Ford to increase engine production in 2012

Great news for those who will be looking for new Ford cars for sale within the upcoming years, Ford have just announced that they will be increasing their production of EcoBoost engines this year.

Ford have commented that they will be tripling their engine production capacity over the next year, and offering the extremely energy efficient design, EcoBoost, in eleven of its new vehicles, up from the current seven models available from your local Ford car dealership.

The engine is very highly regarded within the motoring industry as it can deliver up to 20% more fuel economy over conventional engines; this is carried out by direct fuel injection and also by the engine's innovative small design.

Cars will not be the only Ford vehicles that will see an increase in engine choice due to the company's new announcement, commercial vans and utility vehicles will have just as many options available to them.

Image credit: jpowers65 (Flickr)