Ford to help and support Bath student engineers

The Ford Motor Company has just released information regarding its upcoming opportunities and scholarships they will be offering. Ten new bursaries will be funded by Ford and will be located at Bath University, available for application by student engineers and scientists.

This year will mark the centenary of Ford's ‘Business in Britain' scheme which is set to provide £10,000 support for each student on the scheme over 3 years. This is certainly not a new partnership for either Bath University or motoring giant Ford; they have worked together for more than 25 years and have been closely involved in the university's Powertrain and Vehicle Research Centre.

With Ford constantly developing its Ford cars for sale, it is extremely important to ensure that graduates are trained to the best level possible when entering their chosen technological industry, many students in the past have helped develop next generation car technology.


Image credit: Chris Dlugosz (flickr)