Ford to double investment in virtual crash testing

The Ford Motor Company is keen to increase their investment in virtual crash test computing by 50 per cent, a move which will ultimately help enhance the level of safety across their fleet of vehicles.

First established back in 1901, the Ford Motor Company has long been one of the biggest names in the motor industry and models like the Fiesta, Focus and C-Max are among the most highly regarded within their respective markets.

Virtual crash tests have already proved to be a huge aspect of vehicle development for the firm, with over two million assessments carried out over the past decade. The engineers run thousands of computer simulations before the vehicle is forged, carrying out front impact, side impact, rear impact, roof strength and safety system checks to ensure that every angle offers the height of safety.

Offering further safety for the future

Ford say the changes will offer a more accurate level of virtual crash testing, increasing the number of individual elements involved from 500,000 to more than two million. As Ford is dedicated to offering vehicles which exceed safety standards in markets all across the world, the decision to bring in this advancement in technology only makes sense. When speaking about the improvements, Nand Kochhar, Ford global safety engineer, said: "Ford is committed in designing vehicles that are safe for our customers."

With Ford looking to implement these changes in the coming months, it means that it will offer huge benefits to the owners of new and second hand Ford Focus, Fiesta and Mondeo models in the future - all of which can be discovered during a visit to one of the official Ford dealerships operated by the Foray Motor Group.

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