Ford to bring stop-start feature to Europe

The Ford Motor Company has announced that it is planning to introduce stop-start technology on all of its models across Europe - a clear demonstration of how the firm continues to strive to offer the most eco-friendly experience for their drivers.

A feature which is becoming more widespread across its fleet of vehicles, stop-start technology is designed to automatically cut the engine when the driver applies the brake pedal and the vehicle becomes stationary. Once the driver removes pressure from the brake pedal, the engine will automatically start and the user can drive away as normal. Particularly effective for commuters familiar with slow-moving traffic, the fact that the engine isn't engaged as often results in a lower fuel consumption and considerably less damage to the environment.

After the technology's first unveiling in the 2013 Ford Fusion in the US market proved a real hit, the car giant will be hoping that the European market will embrace the feature in a similar fashion. While the feature is expected to come at an extra cost when included in new Ford vehicles, experts from the ‘Blue Oval' have suggested that owners who choose to spend extra will benefit from a saving of £1,000 in just five years.

The second vehicle from the manufacturer to come with the feature is the Ford Edge - a car which was unveiled at the LA Motor Show and has caused great excitement thanks to its host of innovative features. The Edge is set to become available alongside a raft of new Ford special offers on forecourts across the UK and Europe from next year.

Ford has long been keen to bring the height of eco-friendly technology to their fleet of vehicles, with the award-winning EcoBoost engine a fine example of their huge efforts towards reducing the impact of vehicle pollution while also giving drivers better levels of fuel consumption.

Image Credit: Ford Dealer Marketing