Ford to bring Driving Skills for Life programme to UK

Ford have announced that their successful Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) safety programme for young drivers is to be introduced in the UK and four other countries across Europe after a decade of success in North America.

The news that Ford will be bringing their innovative course to Britain will no doubt be met with enthusiasm by safety groups across the country, as well as the parents of youngsters who are too often subjected to anxiety over the fact that their children are taking to the roads with comparatively little practical experience.

Whilst purchasing a Ford Focus for sale or similar model offers new drivers the chance to begin their life as a fully qualified motorist in style, and with this particular vehicle's famously excellent safety values lowering the risk of being involved in an accident to a minimum, there remain calls for further improvements to the national situation.

As reported here, DSFL will give newly qualified drivers access to an intensive day of both practical and theoretical training, completely free of charge, providing they are aged between 18 and 24. Whilst the scheme is being paid for by the not-for-profit Ford Fund, a charitable foundation established by the iconic automotive manufacturer, the training itself will be carried out by experts from the AA, and supported by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

It is hoped that the long-awaited introduction of DSFL to the UK market will mean that, whether youngsters begin their driving experience in a second hand Ford Focus or a brand new Fiesta, their risk of suffering an injury on the road is substantially decreased. The managing director of Ford UK, Mark Ovenden, stated that their initiative may eventually halve the number of fatal accidents involving new drivers that take place, adding that his company wants to 'inspire a generation of safer, more responsible and better skilled young motorists'.

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