Ford test unique parking technology in Belgium


For many, parking a vehicle can be an arduous process - an endless shuffle backwards and forwards while navigating past stationary cars and the kerb. However, the Ford Motor Company could soon have the answer to your parking problems, with the automotive giant currently testing technology which enables the car to park unaided!

The device is called the Ford Fully Assisted Parking Aid and, with it, users are able to stand metres away from the car and press a button to watch the vehicle perfectly negotiate tight angles. This looks to be quite a step up from the impressive parallel parking assist feature many members of Ford's fleet already features, which requires the user to stay behind the wheel and keep a foot on the brake pedal. Currently being experimented on in Belgium, this new aid is sure to come in handy for drivers in many of the bustling cities in both the UK and across Europe.

The parking aid isn't the only new technology currently being tested, either, with another device which automatically turns the steering wheel to avoid pedestrians a feature which could soon be available on future models from Ford car dealers like the Foray Motor Group throughout the UK.

It works by using three radars, ultrasonic sensors and a camera to scan the road ahead, issuing warnings if it detects slow-moving objects, stationary objects or pedestrians in the same lane ahead. If the driver doesn't heed the warnings - by either braking or steering - in the given time, the system will automatically change the car's direction to avoid the collision. While automatic braking aids are becoming more common in cars, Ford's technology is thought to be the first which actively steers the car out of the way.

While these are all currently in the initial testing stages, there's no reason why the technologies cannot serve to benefit future drivers of new Ford cars should they prove successful.

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