Ford Talks Industry and New Ideas at Motor Show

The Executive Vice President of the Ford Motor Company has been speaking about many Ford related subjects, covering everything from passenger car crossovers to the auto industry in general at the Los Angeles Motor Show.

Mark Fields spoke first about the Ford Escape; the vehicle is already the highest volume selling vehicle with almost 200,000 units sold so far this year. The new generation of Escape was unveiled at the show to a rapturous response.

Bringing up the subject of the motor industry, Fields explained that the retail portion of the industry has remained very stable, with a slight growth each quarter, something that is expected and hoped to carry on into 2012.

The Los Angeles motor show is set to end this weekend and you can expect that many more new versions of Ford cars for sale will be unveiled and put on display before the end on Sunday.


Image Credit:  Hendrawillyanto (Flickr)