Ford takes on a weight loss challenge


The Ford Motor Company has set themselves a weight loss challenge, of course not the employees but its cars and vans! One of the main reasons for the new innovative approach is the rising costs of both fuel and manufacturing, which have reached record levels in recent years for the motoring giant.

Ford has announced that they will be aiming to reduce every vehicles weight by 750 pounds by the end of this decade. Already, with Ford's advancements in engine design such as its EcoBoost engines, weight has been removed and in some cases up to 375 pounds saved, still leaving 50% more to lose by the end of 2020.

Just recently the motoring manufacturer had announced that they had joined up with a chemical company to look into alternative forms of materials for use in its car and body parts; one such material could be carbon fibre, which is more durable than steel but far lighter.

So in the future Ford cars for sale at your nearest Ford car dealership could become even more economic, and lighter!

Image credit: Mr Thinktank