Ford Take Tips from Luxury Hotels

Ford, despite being a go-to name for anybody looking for a family car, commercial vehicle, work vehicle and plenty more, are always looking for ways to improve on their more upmarket luxury vehicles too. Whether that's by adding a rich list of features, offering more customisable touches to your car or by providing a more personal service in their showrooms.

Knowing that they have to keep ahead of the game to maintain their market position, Ford are looking to high end, luxury boutique hotels for tips on creating greater customer satisfaction at Ford car dealers.

So what does this mean for you? If you're looking at the current selection of Ford cars for sale, or are thinking of buying a car in future, you can look forward to an ever increasing level of customer service from the company. You'll also know that you're bought from a company that takes their commitment to customers seriously.

 Image courtesy of Flickr user oskay.