Ford take big step in improved access with B-MAX seat

Ford dealer sites around the UK and throughout Europe will be getting excited about the news that the company have unveiled a version of their popular B-MAX MPV which is perhaps the most accessible vehicle the manufacturers have ever produced.

With the help of the automotive accessibility experts Autoadapt, Ford have designed a new swivel seat for the B-MAX that allows for easy entrance, travel and exit for wheelchair users and others with limited mobility.

The successful integration of Autoadapt's Turnout seat has already been well received by industry experts, with this Automotive Design article, for example, reacting with great interest to Ford's utilisation of 'social responsibility as a strategic base'.

Ford of Spain have been the branch of the group that has spearheaded this drive towards improved options for disabled consumers, which has resulted in the installation of a seat that has been fully crash and tensile tested; the B-MAX, it is explained in the article cited above, was the perfect first vehicle in which to try out the Turnout, as 'with its unique B-pillar-free design, it provides both good legroom for the transfer to and from the wheelchair, and has the belt attachment integrated in the seat'.

The executive vice president of the Gothenberg-based Autoadapt, Peter Wahlsten, added his name to those impressed with Ford's highly responsible outlook, stating that 'it pleases me when companies of Ford's calibre take people with limited mobility seriously', also commenting how his firm believes 'it is a given that everyone, regardless of their disability, should be able to travel safely'.  

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