Ford tackles social media project with Military technology


Once again the Ford Motor Company are promoting one of their newest products using some of the latest and innovative technology, this time using tech designed for use by the US military. The technology in question being a high tech hologram and the product it promoting is one of the latest and most advanced Ford cars for sale, the B-MAX.

The promotion campaign started yesterday across Europe and has already been claimed to be the largest social media marketing project ever. Using a traditional social media based promotion combined alongside a targeted project to attract the most influential users in a variety of topics including motoring, lifestyle and technology, the Ford car is sure to become one of the most widely recognised releases of its kind.

Not only will 1000 influential social media users receive the 3D holographic car models, Ford will be hosting competitions and giveaways to give lucky winners the chance of owning the revolutionary models.

To find out more about the Ford B-MAX why not heard to your nearest Ford car dealers such as Foray Motor Group, and to see a video of the holograms in action click here.

Image credit: Overlaet