Ford SYNC to debut in the UK Ford Focus ST


Those looking forward to trying out the European version of Ford's in-car infotainment system may be getting a sooner glimpse of the system than originally expected.

Ford have just announced that the Ford Focus ST will be debuting the Ford SYNC system. The news is a turnaround as many people were expecting the system to be introduced to the UK in the later released B-MAX.

The Ford Focus ST will be hitting the UK's roads in October with the first vehicles being available at Ford car dealerships from the beginning of the month. Now that the vehicles are announced as coming with SYNC it is expected that even more hype will follow their release.

European car enthusiasts have waited for over five years now for the system to be released in Europe, with the blue oval offering visitors to February's Mobile World Conference the first sneak peak at the UK version of SYNC.

There are many features that have made the infotainment system in Ford cars for sale so popular in the US in the past five years.  The system offers Bluetooth pairing and even voice activation via smartphone, alongside easy connectivity to entertainment gadgets such as MP3 players and other mobile technology products.

More and more applications are being designed for the system such as the recent ‘Roximity' app, designed to use the car's location to display money saving offers within a set distance of the vehicle.

Other features include 3D sat-nav abilities, smart phone integration such as the device being able to read out text messages whilst in motion, adding a new level of safety to journeys.

The Ford Motor Company also announced that they would be introducing a touch screen version of the SYNC system in the future. This has already been introduced to North America, but Ford have not yet released a date when European drivers will see it.

Image credit: Ford Motor Company