Ford SYNC technology sponsors Xfm radio station

An eight month partnership has been struck up between Global Radio's Xfm and Ford, which will see the company's new in-car entertainment system Ford SYNC sponsor the station's Xfm Presents series of live music events.

Brokered by Global Radio, the six figure agreement will begin this month and all of the station's live music activity will benefit from the money.

Marketing director of Ford of Beautiful Anthony Ireson claimed they were 'excited' to be working with Xfm and expected it to offer 'an opportunity for both brands to further engage with an audience' with interest in both up and coming bands as well as the latest gadgets for cars like Ford SYNC.

Mike Gordon, MD for commercial at Global Radio added the partnership was effectively a 'group of brands coming together and connecting with audiences who want the same thing'.

An innovative and impressive addition to the company's new Ford Focus cars and other models, Ford SYNC allows you to stay in touch every second you are driving, with state-of-the-art voice activated control and advanced connectivity technology. Using the most simple of voice commands, drivers can take mobile phone calls hands-free and it can even read out the text messages you've been sent.

An important and potentially lifesaving part of the software is the Emergency Assistance facility, whereby – in the unlikely event of an accident where the airbag is deployed or the fuel pump is deactivated – the technology can help you make a direct call to emergency services.
Used Ford Focus cars may not be privy to the latest SYNC technology, but they are high in quality and value, so get down to a dealership today and find the right vehicle for you and your family.

Image Credit: skinnylawyer (Wikimedia Commons)