Ford Sync system featured once again

Ford's SYNC system has once again been featured by a leading technology website. This time the website, ‘Extreme Tech', has even claimed that the infotainment system could possibly change the technology industry!

Highlighting the recent updates and changes that both the SYNC system and the second generation follow-up ‘MyFord Touch' have undergone, the website congratulated Ford for its work on supporting a BYOD (Bring your own device) system; something that allows devices such as Smart phones and iPads to seamlessly integrate with the cars onboard systems.

Ford have become pioneers in the development of their in-car systems and have worked closely with a number of leading technology leaders, such as Microsoft, offering the latest and most innovative ideas that become more readily available with each update.

The Sync system will be available in many of the upcoming Ford cars for sale in the UK, with the Ford B-Max being the first going on sale at your nearest Ford car dealership later this year.

Image credit:  Jim Trottier