Ford Sync offered on Ford EcoSport

It’s been confirmed that Ford has rolled out its celebrated Ford Sync technology to the EcoSport, news which is sure to offer a more intuitive in-car experience for both driver and passenger alike.

While this technology will initially be offered for vehicles in America, it is highly likely that future models arriving in official Ford dealerships in the UK will also offer this service. That said, Ford Sync will not be available for every EcoSport driver and is only offered on the Titanium trim.

Ford Sync allows drivers to access applications on their smartphone through a selection of pre-set voice commands and was first offered in the revamped Fiesta.

Ford Sync meets the needs of consumers

When speaking about the developments, Anurag Mehrotra, Ford India Executive Director of Sales and Service, said that Ford Sync addresses the needs of the consumer, particularly as so many are leading connected lifestyles and are keen to stay up-to-date with events while on the move. She also said that it enhances the level of value offered by the Ford EcoSport.  

Should Ford Sync prove even more popular in the coming years, it’s likely to be rolled out across the fleet of the blue oval and everything from Ford vans to Motability vehicles from Ford will be able to benefit from the technology. Advances in technology such as this are a great example of how Ford aims to create the best possible experience for drivers, an endeavour which has helped them win countless awards over the years.

To learn more about Ford Sync and how it can help enhance the driving experience in your brand new Ford car, why not pop into one of our dealerships and speak to one of our trained advisors?

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