Ford survey highlights drivers’ fuel efficiency choices


A recent survey carried out by the Ford Motor Group has shown that many drivers are driving less frequently in a bid to save money on fuel costs. The survey was commissioned by the motor manufacturer to find out just how many people would benefit from the company's ‘Start-Stop' technology that is currently being released on many Ford cars for sale across the world.

The survey has shown that 64 percent of drivers are driving less frequently in a bid to save money on the ever increasing fuel costs across the world.  Other figures released show that 41% of drivers are also driving more slowly to increase fuel economy, with the results encouraging Ford to promote and publicise their technologies for a more realistic way to save on both fuel and money.

New Ford cars, such as the Fusion and Focus, are equipped with the extremely eco-friendly EcoBoost engines alongside features such as Start-Stop options, which work by shutting down the engine when it becomes idle. When used in situations such as traffic jams, the system can help with fuel economy and also reduce carbon emissions.

To find out more on how you can become more fuel efficient, head to your nearest Ford car dealership and view their range of fantastic Ford cars.