Ford surprise at NAIAS 2015

The North American International Auto Show starts today and opens with one excited crowd. Motor enthusiasts around the world have been waiting in hot anticipation for the NAIAS 2015 in Detroit, Michigan at the COBO Center, where it is expected that Ford will unveil a unique surprise.

Those looking to buy new Ford cars will be waiting to see what exactly the motor company is going to unveil at the show, where it has been reported that an all new model is to feature in the middle of the Blue Oval's stand at the show.

A cryptic clue

Ford sent out a cryptic tweet under their Twitter handle @Fordyesterday, simply stating, ‘We can't wait to show you what we've got Behind the Blue Oval at #FordNAIAS 2015!' Which was enough to receive not only 43 retweets and 62 favourites via the social media site, but also numerous comments from Ford fans guessing what could be unveiled.

One fan commented saying, ‘@Ford please be the Ford GT & GT350R :D!!!' with another putting ‘@Ford please tell me we get to see the new RS'.

Fan speculation aside, the event is sure to be a hit with press and fans alike as motor companies will be displaying their plans for the future and divulging their vision for the motor industry. Ford dealers in the UK and US will be keeping an eye on the show as it is expected that the showpiece in the Blue Oval will be a new addition to the company's new racing and performance division.

The media has speculated that it is a new supercar ‘Behind the Blue Oval' called the Phoenix, according to this article, after an image of Ford's display at the show has been leaked online. The rumoured car is expected to be in succession to the Ford GT, with an original Ford GT40 racing car and 2005 Ford GT reported to be displayed nearby, further fuelling the rumours.

Whatever the outcome, one thing is for sure; it is unlikely that Ford fans are to be disappointed by the motor company's surprise.

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