Ford steam ahead during January

Ford has just released information regarding their success during January, with one of the largest points to note being the company's market share increase whilst the European industry continued to weaken. Ford has increased their market share in the 19 traditional European markets, making it the second best selling vehicle brand in Europe. 

Worldwide, Ford have continued to grow as a company,  with the ‘Blue Oval'  continuing to be the top imported brand in Italy and in France, where Ford's market share has increased by more than half of one percent compared to 2011.

Big changes have been seen in countries such as Russia, where a strong sales momentum and an influx of registrations of Ford cars for sale have shown great progress for the motoring giants.

So, as you can see the Ford Motor Company has been growing within the world's motoring industry already through 2012. Now is the perfect time to head to your nearest Ford car dealership and take a look at what they have to offer.


Image credit: Chris Dlugosz (flickr)