Ford speed limiter proves popular in Europe


Those purchasing new Ford cars in Europe have apparently taken to the new option, to have an adjustable speed limiter included.

The car giant has announced that over 220,000 cars have been sold with the option in 2011 and the Mondeo Sedan, S-Max Wagon and Kuga SUV are the most popular models to have it included.

For those unfamiliar, the system allows the driver to set their own top speed. If you exceed your limit, anything from 9mph to 105mph, the vehicle will emit a warning sound and then reduce the flow of fuel forcing the car to slow.

The system does have various ways to temporarily override it for situations where you might need to overtake a car.

It is thought the number of speed cameras on the continent have lead to the strong sales in Europe. The US also has a similar system known as MyKey and has proved popular with parents purchasing cars for younger drivers.

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Image credit: AlexanderFPbusse