Ford sign up to new safety recall scheme

The Ford Motor Company is amongst the first car manufacturers to have signed up to an innovative new scheme which will help notify drivers of safety recalls as quickly as possible.

One of only two automotive groups to have given the go-ahead for their vehicles to be included in the service, which is known as ReCare and will be officially launched next month, the company have now ensured that people who buy models from Ford car dealers which have any kind of safety concern will be better protected than drivers of the vast majority of other brands.

Describing Ford's participation in the programme as a ‘significant support', the man overseeing the implementation of ReCare, Steve Molyneux, added that the company's inclusion would be for the ‘good of the industry'.

Fortunately, it is not expected that the service will need to be applied to vehicles which are bought from either new or used Ford car dealers often, as the models produced by the manufacturer are highly regarded for their reliability and excellent performance.

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