Ford set to triple efficient Engine production in Europe


The Ford Motor Company has announced that they will be tripling the production of their EcoBoost direct-injection turbocharged fuel efficient petrol engines.

Ford's plan is to build 800,000 of the engine units for European sales at its production plants in Romania and Germany, with production already in full swing since last November. The engines will form a large percentage of those being fitted to a range of ten models of planned Ford cars for sale that will all utilise the engine by the mid decades.

Diesel engines count for over half of bought vehicles in the Europe currently, but Ford are expecting their increase and drive in EcoBoost engines to influence traditional diesel drivers , encouraging them to experience the new engine family and be impressed.

Heading to your nearest Ford car dealers will give you the chance to see and try out many vehicles using the EcoBoost engine, so why not discover its efficiency, power and refinement!

Image credit: Dana60Cummins