Ford set to save on its global One Ford plan


The Ford Motor Company has announced that they are expecting to cut manufacturing investment costs across the world by the middle of this century, thanks to their ‘One Ford' plan.

Ford's ‘One Ford' plan is the largest investment in over 50 years and is set to cut manufacturing costs annually by 8% across the world. By changing the way that vehicles are made, we will in-turn see global vehicle models rather than country specific versions.

The head of Global manufacturing for Ford, John Fleming, has been commenting upon the motor manufacturer's plan to create nine new plants, increasing the amount of Ford cars for sale around the world to 8 million by 2015.

By 2015 visiting your Ford car dealers will present you with nine core models, each with a number of derivatives, giving European customers a greater choice in vehicles previously only available in other countries. Certainly something to look forward to in the near future!