Ford set to introduce inflatable air belts next year


The Ford Motor Company is set to introduce inflatable rear seatbealts for the first time in the UK, their innovative design means that that inflate in less than 40 milliseconds.

The blow up belts work by inflating almost instantly in an accident and are aimed especially at vulnerable passengers in the rear seat, such as children and the elderly. The air belt is deployed by a compressed gas cylinder below the rear seat and in turn disperses crash forces more than five time greater then normal seatbelts.

Ford announced the introduction of the air belts to the UK at their research and technology centre in Germany, with the 2013 Ford Mondeo announced as being the first of many Ford cars for sale to have them as an optional extra. You can expect to see both the Mondeo and its rear air seats released halfway through next year; sources have estimated the cost to be £250.

In the near future the seatbelts could become standard on all Ford models and giving an even greater piece of mind for owners.