Ford set to enter the performance car sector

Ford Motor Company has revealed that it will be setting-up a new performance car division that will be aiming to launch 12 performance cars over the next six years.

If rumours are to be believed, then Ford car dealerships across the UKand across the world could soon be selling a successor to the popular 2005-2006 GT Ford supercar. 

According to a report on the Guru Focus website, the new Ford performance division will be a combination of the firm's RS team in Europe, the SVT division in the US and the Ford Racing Group.

Ford keeps quiet about new car models 

Despite the news breaking about Ford creating a new performance car division, the car manufacturer has not revealed what models the division will release in the next six years.

So far the only information that has been released is the fact that the European Ford Focus RS will be one of the performance cars built and sold across the globe. 

This news has been celebrated by motor heads as the Ford Focus RS was a hugely popular model back in the 1960s. To add to the ground-breaking news, the model will also be sold in the US for the first-time.

Currently Ford sells a handful of supercars, such as the Shelby GT 350 Mustang, Fiesta ST, Focus ST and F-150 Raptor, but as well as the Focus RS set to be added to the collection, it is also rumoured that a new Ford GT sports car, which was sold between 2004 and 2006, will also make a return with a new V8 engine. 

Brand new cars and vehicles from Ford are nothing new as the car manufacturer releases several models every year, but the news that Ford has created a new performance car division and will be releasing 12 new performance cars over the next six years has really caught the attention of car enthusiasts.

So watch this space! 

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