Ford security experts work on shielding cars from Viruses


With cars and vans becoming more and more technologically advanced, many are beginning to worry about threats from hackers on their in-car systems such as Ford's SYNC system.

This is something that has not been overlooked by companies such as Ford, who have announced that they already have security engineers whose sole job is to make sure that infotainment and SYNC car systems are as protected as possible.

Also, one of the most popular internet security developers, McAfee, has commented that a team of experts in the field of computer security are being employed to develop systems to become invulnerable to attacks by hackers and computer experts.

With cars becoming more and more advanced it is certainly great to know that the interests and safety of car users are being looked into as a matter of urgency.

Ford's SYNC system is already available in the UK and will be included in the upcoming release of the Ford B-MAX, one of the most eagerly anticipated Ford cars for sale to be released during 2012. 

Image credit: Randy Stern (Flickr)