Ford sales surge in April


The Ford Motor Company have just released information that has shown a rise in its vehicles sales during April, and with the UK being its largest European market this is great news as a whole for the blue oval. Ford's vehicle sales increased last month by 4.3%, up to a total of 24,400 units; alongside this, the motoring giants also saw their market share rise 0.5% to 15.1%. 

It is thought that a number of factors are involved with the increase and continued success this year from Ford, including a large number of Ford cars for sale launches, and the renewed interest in many more launches and promotions planned for this year.

Many other sales markets saw increases across the world such as in Russia where its Ford car dealerships reported a 26% rise in sales during April and a 29% year to date increase.

With Ford becoming more and more popular and with a new and exciting range of vehicles being released in the near future such as the Ford B-MAX, it is certainly time to take a test drive and experience the reliability of Ford.

Image credit: Cubosh