Ford’s SYNC System inducted to the Computer History Museum

The Ford Motor Company have been working hard to develop their in-car entertainment system, ‘SYNC', which now comes as standard in most Ford cars for sale in North America and is currently available in a select  number of European vehicles.

The system has had high praise from many of the top technology websites and institutes, with Ford receiving one new accolade happening recently: the Computer History Museum add ‘SYNC' as a permanent collection piece. The induction of the Ford SYNC system certainly means that it is highly regarded within the computer and technology industry as a whole.

SYNC is a the product of  Ford's partnership with Microsoft and so far has been fitted to over 4 million vehicles, with Ford commenting that they expect numbers to rise to 9 million by the year 2015.

As mentioned the system is mainly available in American vehicles, the good news is that the SYNC system will be available at Ford car dealers in the Ford B-MAX, which is set to be released this spring.

Image credit: Sinchen.Lin