Ford’s sound engineers on key to success


The Ford Motor Company have once again been detailing the numerous developments and tweaks that they have been carrying our recently, many of which will be showcased on the motoring giants newest offering, the Ford B-MAX.

To get a perfect and enjoyable sound out of a stereo can take a large amount of work; rooms and open areas can differ greatly from car cabs, which is why Ford developers have been working intensely to perfect the listening experience for drivers and passengers in new Ford cars for sale.

Certain songs offer opportunities to enhance and test acoustics, such as the opening to The Eagles hit ‘Hotel California', which Ford employees have commented as having the ideal dry sound for use in testing bass response.

As mentioned, this technology is due to be released on the B-MAX in the near future, but it could also be something we could be seeing on any new vehicles bought from Ford car dealers across the world.

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