Ford’s Safety Lighting Designs

Now that the clocks have gone forward, it is becoming much darker at night; everything from commuting to doing the school run will now have to be carried out under much darker circumstances, which of course means that visibility is reduced and there's an increased accident risk.

The Ford Motor Company have a range of lighting technologies that have been designed and developed to help drivers monitor the area around them and also allow themselves to be more visible on the road.

Ford cars for sale will often be equipped with the following technologies:-

Ford's adaptive front lighting system - this ingenious design automatically moves the beam in the direction that the car is turning; giving almost twice the visible distance around corners.

Ford's Auto-Headlights are able to sense when lighting levels fall past a certain point. This can improve safety and is invaluable in the dusk or travelling through tunnels.

To find out more about the motor company's continuing motoring safety designs, why not visit your local Ford car dealership such as Foray Motor Group?


Image Credit: roland (Flickr)