Ford’s record world sales in June


The Ford Motor Company has been reporting record sales figures, in a variety of markets across the world, with Thailand being the latest. Sales as a whole jumped up by 71% during June in Thailand. A total of 5,031 units were sold, making it the best ever sales year for the company.

Ford has put the sales increase down to its new and exciting range of Ford cars for sale, such as the Ford Fiesta and the all new Ford Ranger.  The Ford Ranger in particular has spearheaded Ford's sales, with an increase of 280% and customer bookings in the region of 25,000 have being recorded.

Back in June Ford celebrated the official start of its new production facility in Thailand, costing £450 million. The first of its Thai Ford cars for sale from this plant will be hitting its Ford car dealerships next month, with many expecting this to further help improve its sales figures.