Ford’s new slogan gets launched


Ford are in the process of launching their new slogan ‘Go Further' which will be appearing in global adverts and commercials , replacing the ‘Drive One' brand message that has been in use since early 2008.

The new slogan focuses upon how the motoring giant has passed its competition in both quality and technological advancements in its Ford cars for sale. Many within the marketing industry have so far commented that the change in tone between the two slogans shows just how much the motor manufacturers have moved on in recent years.

The slogan is set to be released in the US and Europe with both South America and Asia set to follow, with television, billboard, social media campaigns ready to purvey the company's new outlook and branding alongside its Ford car dealers.

So why not head to your nearest Ford car dealership to see the new branding in place, and with so many great Ford cars available you may not leave empty handed!

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