Ford’s new Silicon Valley lab opens


The Ford Motor Company has, for many years, been at the forefront of in-car entertainment and technology. The motoring giant continued its mission to tap into tech innovation this week, as it opened its brand new Silicon Valley laboratory.

The laboratory will be used to advance many of the technological features that you can already find in current Ford cars for sale, along with the development of new systems such as those for safety and economy. The lab was opened on Monday and is just one of many research and innovation facilities across the world, other locations include Nanjing, China; Aachen, Germany; and Dearborn, Michigan.

In the past Ford have partnered with many of the big names in the technology industry and created its own platform know as SYNC.

To find out just how Ford cars have advanced over the years, both in performance and in terms of technology, head to your nearest Ford car dealers to see them in action.

Image credit: the tahoe guy (flickr)