Ford’s new B-Max MPV; a reimagining of the small car

The Ford Motor Company has just released more information regarding one of its upcoming Ford cars for sale, the B-Max MPV.  The vehicle is due to be unveiled properly at the Geneva Motor Show next, and is due to be launched in the UK later in the year.

The most surprising and innovative features of the vehicle that has been revealed so far, is its unique and innovative door design. So far, the system has been dubbed the ‘Easy Access Door System', and offers what looks to be one of the widest door spaces on a family / non specialised vehicle so far.

The door width is made possible by removing the vehicles B-pillars, and placing them directly inside the doors themselves, giving almost 1.5 metres of space. Its unique sliding back passenger doors means that objects stretching 2.3 metres can be easily loaded into the vehicle. This is certainly a vehicle to keep an eye out for later in the year at your nearest Ford car dealership.