Ford’s mission to cut global waste highlighted


The Ford Motor Company has been on a mission to cut its global waste drastically in recent years, a mission that it is in the process of completing with flying colours. An announcement by the motoring giants today has shown just what lengths it has gone to in its quest, with a promise to carry on with as much haste.

The company has also increased its drive to develop more efficient vehicles, alternative energy engines, and a constant usage of recycled and recyclable materials for use in its Ford cars for sale across the world. Since the companies quest began in 2007 Ford have cut waste at its plants across the world by 44%, with Ford quoting it as being the equivalent of 100 million pounds and a per-vehicle basis of 39%.

The reductions have been from several major projects worldwide including turning paint solids into energy, solar powered rubbish compactors, and even the introduction of blue bag recycling schemes.

With its targets set and a large variety of schemes in the process ranging from its ford car dealerships to manufacturing facilities, you can be sure that Ford will break all records for lowering waste.

Image credit: JD Hancock