Ford S-MAX helps planes get to Germany


If you are looking for a vehicle with plenty of space then an online article certainly might sway you towards one of the most popular Ford cars for the sale, the Ford S-MAX.

The article featuring the S-MAX not only sheds light on its range of features that come as standard, but also its large and robust load space, even with all of its seven seats being filled by passengers.

The Ford car in question carried a jet plane in its backseat area on the way to a competition in Germany. The jet in question was only a scale models of course, but still large to say he least. The S-MAX has over 2,000 litres of space in it once passenger seats are folded down, giving you a car capable of transporting up to seven people but also a vehicle with a large cargo hold when needed.

Many have commented that the space available even with the seating in place is comparable to that of the Ford Fiesta. The standard model that you can pick up at your nearest Ford car dealer comes equipped with parking sensors, climate control, and even an electronic stability system, and is available from just £21,995.

Image credit: S 400 HYBRID