Ford’s latest models hit the catwalk

The Ford Motor Company are certainly no strangers to releasing models that make headlines throughout the world, their latest model is no exception. Instead of being a car though, Ford have enlisted the help of fashion designers and created a unique fashion statement as part of their centenary year celebrations.

The items consisted of a dress and a necklace that were to be designed and made from parts of one of the latest Ford cars for sale, the Ford Focus.  The two designers that Ford chose were Scottish designer of the year Judy Clark and Katherine Hawkins, a jewellery designer from Cornwall

The necklace designer, Katherine Hawkins, mentioned that when she first received the Ford Focus parts, she really didn't know what to expect and as a none-driver didn't know what the parts where for!

The Fashion designs aren't something that you will seeing at your local Ford car dealership but you will get the chance to see some of the most fashionable cars on sale.