Ford’s latest EcoBoost engine unveiled

The Ford Motor Company has just released information regarding its upcoming new engine, the 1.0 litre EcoBoost petrol engine. The engine will be a feature of Ford's Focus range starting from next month, with the motoring giants claiming that the engine will offer much of the same performance in a much more efficient package.

The new engine was developed at Ford's Dagenham and Dunton facilities with the support of over 200 technicians and engineers. This is now the third model of engine introduced to the EcoBoost range, joining the other downsized and super frugal versions.

Ford has commented upon the new EcoBoost engine, announcing its benefits, including great savings for drivers.  This is due to its fuel consumption and the vehicle's zero excise duty during its first year, and similar savings continuing for two years thereafter.

As mentioned, the engine will be available in the Focus and other Ford cars for sale from February the 22nd, if you are interested in having the engine as part of your next vehicle, you will need to pay a premium at your Ford car dealership.


Image credit:  bisgovuk (flickr)