Ford’s Facebook Focus giveaway


Fans of the Ford Motor Company's Facebook page were entered in to a great competition last month, with the chance to win a fantastic Ford Focus. The winner has been announced and has just collected his new vehicle, choosing a 1.6-litre 150PS EcoBoost powertrain model with some great extras such as a leather interior and a Ford Driver assistance pack.

Christopher King was one of over 30,000 entrants to the competition, with the Facebook page already collecting over 70,000 fans since its creation last November.  The page is a great way to catch up on the latest innovations and new Ford cars for sale even before they are delivered to your nearest Ford car dealership's forecourt.

If you would like to interact with fellow fans of the motoring giant, or want to keep up to date with products, or just want to keep your eyes peeled for new competitions, be sure to join up!

Image credit:  M 93