Ford Run Fiestagram Campaign Through Facebook


The internet savvy car manufacturer Ford has just launched an advertising campaign for the new Ford Fiesta via the global social media network Facebook. Ford have used the ‘instagram' online application to reach out to its online audience via the Facebook network and coined the name of the instagram, a "Fiestagram".

The idea behind the Fiestagram advertising campaign sees the use of a new hashtag associated with one of the Fiesta's many new high-tech features, such as; #entry, #music and #hidden.

People are then encouraged to submit photos on Instagram and tag them with "#Fiestagram", plus that week's particular hashtag to join the campaign. The best photos selected were then featured in real-life galleries and live digital billboards across Europe.

Ford has given away weekly prizes to those submitting particularly oustanding images plus, as you'd expect, the final prize was a brand new Ford Fiesta.

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