Ford Rumoured to be considering New Concept Sub-Fiesta model

This month has seen growing speculation over the possible production of a new sub-Fiesta model. This potential model is most likely to be heading to the emerging worldwide markets before it is seen in any of the existing markets around the world, like the UK.

Accelerated growth in the emerging markets of China, India and Latin American countries like Brazil has meant that Ford is looking to take advantage of this new economic growth by bringing out a Ford super-mini to appeal to these new potential car buyers at their local Ford car dealers.      

The new budget super-mini concept is expected to have Ford’s new 1.0 litre eco-boost engine and is likely to be eventually built on a similar platform to that of the current Ford Ka model.       

The UK is not expecting to see this potential new model for quite sometime, but if you are currently looking for great deals on Ford cars for sale, then pop into your local dealers to find out what they have in store for you.   

Image credit: Marcin Mincer