Ford reveals its sustainable roots and Soybean car!

The Ford motor Company have in the past actively sourced environmentally friendly materials for use in many of their Ford cars for sale throughout the world. Just recently it was shown how the new Ford Escape will have a variety of eco friendly materials involved in its production, including wheat straw and plastic bottles.

The company have been explaining just how far back the company's drive to increase its use of sustainable products goes, even back to the times of the founder, Henry Ford. The talk took place at a keynote address in America, and told attendees the story of how even back in the 1930's -1940's the motor company were looking into alternative materials for car production.  In 1941 Ford manufactured a ‘soybean' car; the vehicle was made of a plastic composition that contained many natural materials such as soybeans.

To find out more about Ford's sustainable and environmentally friendly ideas and see them in action, why not head to your nearest Ford car dealership?


Image credit: Hugo90 (flickr)